Verdun - "Bleed France White"

The historic city of Verdun had special meaning for the French people in February of 1916.  Even Attila the Hun had been unable to conquer the town located along the Meuse River.

Permanently ceded to France in 1648, at the Peace of Munich, the town - with its many nearby forts - served as a type of guard for northeastern France.  If that guarding were effective, the French would also block German troops from entering Paris.

From the start of crafting their battle plan, German commanders believed that Frenchmen would fight long and hard to save their historic city.  That is why German troops believed they could "Bleed France White," during the earlier stages of this ferocious fight.

In those early days of calculating battle-loss potential, however, German commanders may have missed a key issue.  If France were to fight long and hard, Germany would have to do the same. 

Before long, massive casualties began to mount for both sides.

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