View of Buda - Left Bank Side of Budapest

View of Buda - Left Bank Side of Budapest Ancient Places and/or Civilizations World History Geography

Budapest is one of the most popular cities in the world.  This image depicts a view of the former “Buda” side of town.

Budapest officially became a united city in 1873.  Before then, “Buda” was a town on the western bank of the Danube River while “Pest” was a town located on the eastern bank of the river.

No one is sure how “Buda” and “Pest” got their names. 

Medieval chronicles tell us that “Buda” may be based on “Bleda,” the brother of Attila, who was also known as “Buda.”  It is also possible that “Buda” comes from “Voda,” the Slavic word for “water.”  Since the settlement was once known as “Aquincum,” in Roman times, there is certainly a connection to water (“aqua”).

“Pest” may relate-back to Roman times when the “Contra-Aquincum” fortress was also referred to as “Pession.”  Or ... “Pest” may stem from the Slavic words “peshtera” (cave)—there are caves in the area—or “pesht” (a local limekiln). 

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Image of the "Buda" side of "Budapest," online courtesy Vrije ("Free") University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Sciences.



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