View of Fort Ticonderoga

View of Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga, in New York state, is a large eighteenth-century fort.

Its name comes from an Iroquois word which means "it is at the junction of two waterways." Those waterways are Lake Champlain and Lake George.

During colonial America, the fort was significant for trade routes between French-controlled territory (the Saint Lawrence River Valley) and English-controlled territory (the Hudson River Valley).

During the early months of the American Revolutionary War, Britain stored weapons at the fort. The Patriots wanted those weapons to force the Redcoats out of Boston. They were able to achieve that objective when Ethan Allen successfully led his Green Mountain Boys to the fort in 1775.

Here are some interesting facts about this famous fort, including key events which occurred there during America's fight for independence:

Where is Fort Ticonderoga located?

It is in upstate New York, situated between Lake Champlain and Lake George.

How many battles took place at Ticonderoga during the Revolutionary War?

Three battles took place at the fort.

Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, together with Colonel Benedict Arnold (who was not-yet a traitor) captured the fort from the 48 British soldiers on May 10, 1775. This gave the Patriots a strategically positioned fort, its weapons and ammo and a significant morale boost.

In July of 1777, General John Burgoyne led his British forces to regain control of Ticonderoga. This time the Redcoats had around 8,000 men to join in the attack. With his men and artillery holding the high ground, on Mount Defiance, the Patriots were extremely vulnerable. Their commander, General Arthur St. Clair, had requested more troops from General Washington, but Washington did not believe the British would go after Ticonderoga. St. Clair had no choice but to surrender.

Later that year, on September 18, the Americans attempted to recapture the fort. Colonel John Brown led the Patriots, but they could not retake the fort. They were able to rescue 118 Americans (who’d been held by the Redcoats) and captured 293 Brits.

How Did King George III react when his men recaptured Ticonderoga in July of 1777?

He reportedly told his wife, the Queen: “I have beat them! I have beat all the Americans!”

When did the fort return to American control?

The Redcoats held the fort for the rest of the war. They released it after the British were defeated at Yorktown (in 1781).

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