Vincent Van Gogh - Summary

In July of 1890, Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch artist living in the French village of Auvers, had created nearly eighty paintings in less than three months.

 In recent weeks, he’d been attracted by the fields and plains not far from the inn where he lived that summer. At the height of his genius, the prolific artist was despondent.

Thirty-seven years old, he was financially supported by an ailing brother and had produced more than eight hundred paintings which no one wanted to buy. In his entire career, it is believed he only sold one - The Red Vineyard - which he painted in 1888 (and Anna Boch purchased in 1890).

At dusk - on Sunday, the 27th of July - Vincent walked to a field in Auvers-sur-Oise and shot himself.

Who was Vincent? Who influenced him? How did his talents develop? Why did he often work at such a furious pace? Which paintings did he create during the last months of his life?

In this story behind the art, discover Vincent the man. Study his paintings through a virtual art show. See where he lived. Examine some of his early influences and read some of his letters. Gain a better understanding of a genius whose work remains among the most highly valued in the world.

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