Vincent van Gogh - Gauguin Pays a Visit

Initially, it seemed like a good idea for Paul Gauguin to paint with Vincent van Gogh (in October of 1888).  His working visit, however, lasted just two months.

In this clip, from the award-winning film Lust for Life, Kirk Douglas (as Vincent) and Anthony Quinn (as Gauguin) recreate scenes of the artists in Arles.

The situation did not end well, particularly for Vincent.

Media Credits

Clip fromLust for Life

Studio:  MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

Director:  Vincente Minnelli
Based onLust for Life, a novel by Irving Stone

Screenplay by:  Norman Corwin

Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh

Anthony Quinn as Paul Gauguin

Release Date:  17 September 1956 (New York City)

Merson placed the clip online at his RetroArcaicoRex channel at YouTube.


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