Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

Leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, in Russia, Vladimir I. Lenin became the first head of the Soviet Union

With Russians (including fighting troops initially inspired by their Tsar) exhausted by the demands of World War I, and demonstrations occurring—like the massive Nevsky Prospect gathering in St Petersburg (Petrograd) during July of 1917—Lenin and his comrades were able to persuade enough individuals to follow the Bolshevik political ideology. This led to the "October Revolution" in 1917.

One of the first things which the Bolsheviks did, when they assumed power, was to end Russia's involvement in WWI. No longer would the Tsar ever lead troops or have his soldiers support the status quo (as they did during the February Revolution of 1917).

During Lenin's time in power, the Last Tsar—Nicholas II—together with his wife and children—were executed in July of 1918.

Lenin was not-quite 54 years old when he had a massive stroke, and died, on the 21st of January, 1924.  To this day, his death puzzles doctors, and who he was - as a man - is still somewhat of a mystery.

Very few recordings of Lenin's voice survive.  Although he introduced sweeping changes, and those changes caused misery for many people, Lenin was still widely mourned when he died.

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