Scotland, however, made Wallace a Knight and Guardian of the country. He kept that position for approximately 300 days. With occupation forces essentially out of the country, Wallace was now free to ravage the border towns of Northern England. At the same time, he strengthened his power base of common people and small land owners. Most of the nobles, however, were still unwilling to ally themselves with Wallace.

Edward was tired of his officers trying to subdue Wallace. By the summer of 1298, Edward returned to Scotland at the head of the most powerful army ever sent into Scotland. Wallace had a plan: Remove all people and livestock in the path of the English. He wanted to starve the invaders and eliminate all possible informers. Longshanks also had a plan: Remove Wallace from the face of the earth. He wanted to conquer Scotland once and for all.

Unfortunately, Wallace could not eliminate leaks by men loyal to the king. He had hoped to starve out the English and attack them while they retreated. However, two earls who had always been on England's side (Dunbar and Angus) told Edward where the Scots were located. Wallace and his men were forced into a head-on battle.

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