In this image we see the countryside around the village of Domremy, birthplace of Joan of Arc. Photo by Rebecca Kennison; online via Wikimedia Commons. License:  CC BY-SA 3.0


If the family never discussed these political developments, how would an uneducated 13-year-old girl know about the conflict? On the other hand, if she knew England claimed the French throne, why did she think she could keep it for France?

Here's the evidence. A time line lists key events during the second half of the Hundred Years War. Look at the entries for the year 1424.

Soldiers committed "a number of atrocities in eastern France, including the infamous sack of the village of Domremy." In 1424, Joan was 12 years old. She and her family lived in Domremy.

Further evidence shows that Joan and her family had to flee Domremy to escape a raid on their village. As the family fled to Neufchatel, we can be reasonably sure that actions of invading soldiers weighed heavily on young Joan's mind. Perhaps the family had a medallion of St. Catherine with them. 

There's another piece of intriguing evidence. We don't know whether it is true, but it adds an interesting dimension to the story.

Long before Joan of Arc was born, Merlin (from the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable) made a prediction that if France were ever in trouble, it would be saved by a maiden from an oak forest. Joan was aware of this prophecy.

As she continued to see her visions, she began to believe she was the maid from the prophecy. (Her trial testimony tells us more.  Scroll down, nearly to the end of the page, where Joan is questioned on the prophecy.)

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