Dead Sea Scrolls - WHO HAS ACCESS?

Scholars have been working with Qumran scroll fragments for years. But access was extremely restrictive until 1988, when the Israel Antiquities Authority began to give assignments to more scholars. By 1992, more than 50 qualified people had access to these ancient treasures.

A computer-generated version of the scrolls, plus photographs of them, were published in 1991 by the Biblical Archaeology Society. The Huntington Library of California has also allowed scholars access to photographic security copies of the scrolls on deposit in its vault. The Israel Antiquities Authority plans to issue an authorized microfiche edition so a wide range of scholars will have access.

Scrolls that remained out of sight for nearly 2,000 years have linked the past with the present in amazing ways. That they were accidentally found merely adds to their mystique. At first, before government officials were aware of their existence, scroll finders sold fragments on the open market. Now, however, documents that scribes copied more than twenty centuries ago are closely guarded, priceless world treasures.

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