Leopold and Loeb - WHO WERE LEOPOLD & LOEB?

This image depicts Nathan Leopold (left) and Richard Loeb (right) as they appeared in 1924—the year they planned, then carried-out, the "perfect crime." Their arrogance about their crime, however, was short-lived when their mistakes led police officers to suspect the pair for the murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks.


Who were these two young men charged with such heinous crimes? Why did they kidnap a young boy for $10,000?

It wasn't because Leopold and Loeb were destitute. It wasn't because they had no chance in life. Both came from wealthy, educated families in Hyde Park. So did Bobby Franks, their victim.

Loeb's father, Albert, was vice president of Sears, Roebuck. The Loebs lived in a beautiful home.

Leopold's dad, Nathan Sr., a millionaire manufacturer, had endlessly indulged his son's every desire since the death of Nathan's mother. The Leopolds also lived in a gorgeous house.

Bobby's dad, Jacob Franks, was a retired pawnbroker. He and his wife Flora adored their son and lived across the street from the Loebs in a lovely mansion.

Why had these privileged, wealthy teenagers murdered a young boy who lived across the street from Loeb?  Why did they brutally kill a child who had played in "Dickie" Loeb's yard?  Why should the court spare their lives when they had not spared Bobby's? And ... why were the Chicago newspapers, and public, so fascinated with this story?

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