Washington at Valley Forge

Washington at Valley Forge

During the long, dark days of Valley Forge - when independence was far from certain and the Continental Army’s troops and officers were cold, hungry and weary - their commander-in-chief prayed for wisdom.  His encampment, as noted by Washington himself, was filled with more than 12,000 desperate people. 

In a letter to his friend John Banister, dated the 21st of April, 1778, Washington writes

To see the men without clothes to cover their nakedness, without blankets to lie upon, without shoes...without a house or hut to cover them until those could be built, and submitting without a murmur, is a proof of patience and obedience which, in my opinion, can scarcely be paralleled.

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Washington at Valley Forge. Lithograph by F. Heppenheimer, 1853. Library of Congress.


Quoted passage from Treasury of Presidential Quotations, By William J. Federer.


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