The Little Boy Who Can Change the Weather: El Niño - Water Currents Carry Drippy

"Global Ocean Currents Map", Current paths or patterns have individual names, by unknown, NOAA.gov, Fair Use.

You probably want to know what is going to happen to you once you land in the ocean. Well, Drippy, you are fresh water and very precious. Only three percent of all the water on Earth can claim to be fresh water. You are still fresh water when you land on a calm ocean.  If the ocean does not have any wind or waves you join with your fellow raindrops and create a fresh water layer on the ocean. However, most times the ocean has waves and wind and so you slowly mix with the ocean water and become saline or salt water that makes up 97 percent of the Earth’s water.

One of the 17 major ocean currents will pick you up, but since you landed in the Pacific it will probably be the California or Humboldt. These currents move both vertically (up and down) and horizontally (sideways) and are very important to the circulation to the Earth's weather. Indeed, they are what gives birth to the El Niño effect of which you have become an important part and today you join in creating that unique warm water pattern.

See, El Niño is a warm current and its name means, The Little Boy in Spanish. It is a term that refers to the warming sea surface in the central and eastern parts of the Pacific that helps determine the climate in North America during some winter months. In fact, little rain drop, you are now influencing weather patterns across the globe.

Original Release: Sep 12, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Sep 11, 2016

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