Watergate Crimes and White House Horrors

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This image depicts a political cartoon called Move over – We can't stay in a holding pattern forever, by Herb Block. It was published on July 29, 1973.

From the U.S. Library of Congress we learn:

Before the Watergate case, Herb Block had noted other Richard Nixon scandals.

These concerned reports of improper influence by ITT Corp. on the location of the future Republican National Convention; Nixon's fluctuating decisions on milk price supports that amounted to a shakedown for campaign funds; and pressures on other businesses to meet quota "suggestions" on contributions.

There were disclosures of taxpayer money spent to fix up Nixon's homes in Key Biscayne and San Clemente. Nixon also took large backdated tax deductions for the gift of his vice-presidential papers, which even included newspaper clippings.

Issues like these caused Herb Block to create cartoons like "Move Over."

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Image online, courtesy the U.S. Library of Congress.  LC-USZ62-126920.


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