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Branch Rickey, as a decision-maker for the Brooklyn Dodgers, decided that he wanted to have an excellent African-American ballplayer on his team. 

Sending-out scouts to assess various players, Rickey decided that Jack Robinson was the "right man."

Offering Robinson a job, where he would start with the Montreal Royals - the Dodgers' farm club - Branch Rickey ushered-in a monumental shift in the world of Major-League Baseball.

This image of Branch Rickey was published in a LOOK magazine article entitled "A Branch Grows in Brooklyn."  The March 19, 1946 issue - which features the story and the photo (at page 70) - is now maintained by the Library of Congress.

Red Smith - a famous sports writer, working during Branch Rickey's era - summarized his famous subject with these words:

... player, manager, executive, lawyer, preacher, horse-trader, spellbinder, innovator, husband and father and grandfather, farmer, logician, obscurantist, reformer, financier, sociologist, crusader, sharper, father confessor, checker shark, friend and fighter. (From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial page;  Monday, 31 October 1955 edition.)

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Media Credits

Photo of Branch Rickey by Harold Rodenbaugh, a staff photographer at LOOK, online courtesy Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress provides additional details about this photograph:


Branch Rickey, Brooklyn Dodger manager and owner.  Photograph by Harold Rhodenbaugh (Look staff photographer).  Photomechanical print in:  "A Branch Grows in Brooklyn," Look, March 19, 1946, p. 70. (Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. Reproduction #: LC-USZ62-119888).


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