What Makes Voters Tire of Government Leaders?

British voters shocked Winston Churchill when they voted him out of office in July of 1945. The new government had socialist leanings.

By 1979, after decades of Labour-led government, things had changed in Britain. Among other issues, union-ordered work slowdowns were causing electrical “brown-outs,” and students who tried to do their homework at night had to write papers by candle light.  

A majority of voters in the U.K. thought it was time to change the type of government which was running the country. Why do you think that voters wanted a change?

Might one of the reasons for change be that people tend to act in ways which promote their own self-interests? If they can’t get enough electricity, for example, to power their homes, might that be reason-enough for voters to grow tired of current government leaders? Why, or why not?

Does the need for change, to make things work better, cause people to vote for someone new, even if there is no guarantee that the change in leadership  will lead to better results? Explain your answer.

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