What Makes an Entire Nation Proud?

When Canadians landed on Juno Beach, the opposition they faced was overwhelming, but at day’s end they had gone deeper into France than any other division from any other Allied country.  

Around 14,000 D-Day troops from the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division stormed Juno Beach amidst intense gun fire from German positions. As the fierce fighting continued, 340 Canadians died and 574 were wounded as they secured a beachhead.

The historian, Stephen E. Ambrose, describes what the Canadian troops had to endure on D-Day:

The opposition the Canadians faced was stronger than that of any other beach save Omaha. That was an accomplishment in which the whole nation could take considerable pride.

Is it important for a country to be unified, especially in times of war? Explain your answer.

As the Canadian soldiers pushed forward, on D-Day, their efforts were costly but effective. Despite so many casualties, the Canadians had gone deeper into German-occupied France than any other division. Why were those accomplishments the source of national pride?

When is the last time your country took “considerable pride” in a nation-impacting event? Did you share that sense of pride?

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