What Makes the Food-Gathering Process So Significant?

Spiders spin webs so they can catch prey. They catch prey so they can eat. The food-catching and food-gathering process of spiders is intriguing.

In a way, we could say that a spider’s food comes to the spider. If an unwary insect happens by a spider’s web—or inadvertently flies into it—that visitor could be trapped by the web. Before you know it, that trapped insect is in line to become spider food.

Humans don’t always view spider webs as important food-capturing devices. Sometimes we view those webs as gross or scary. It’s not uncommon for people to clear-out the webs. When we clear-out the webs, we’ve destroyed the spider’s food-gathering process.

The next time you see a spider web, how will you deal with it? Would those actions be different from how you’ve dealt with spider webs before reading either “Charlotte’s Web” or this Awesome Story?  

Can you think of any other food-gathering process that functions like a spider’s web? What is it? How does it differ from a spider and its actions?

Right inside its own body a spider has everything it needs to spin a web. Using your own words, describe what that must be like.

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