What Meanings Can We Ascribe to the Command “Let’s Go?”

When the men in the room were later asked what the General said, as he made clear his decision that June 6th would be D-Day, few men had the same answer.

Their recollections ranged from:  “We will sail tomorrow;” to “OK, boys. We will go;” to “OK, let’er rip;” to “OK, we’ll go.”

Whatever his exact words, Eisenhower’s order to begin the cross-channel attack on June 6th had a profound impact on millions of people.

Do you think it’s important to know General Eisenhower’s exact words when he told his commander that the invasion was a “go?”  Why, or why not?

Historians have spent a great deal of time trying to determine Eisenhower’s specific words. Do you think that is a good or a bad use of time? Explain your answer.

If you had been the one to pick Eisenhower’s words, to start the invasion, what would those words have been?

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