Crossover Poet and Inspiration: Kwame Alexander - What is a crossover?


What is a crossover? 

It is a compound word used as a noun or an adjective.  If it is separated into two words, it becomes a verb.  When it is a noun it can be used as a basketball term. For example: Stephan Curry dribbled the ball in his left hand and then his right hand before he made a basket, doing a nice crossover.

Crossover can also be used as an adjective. It is often used in the arts when a musician breaks into another category. Another example: Selena was called the Queen of Tejano music and became a crossover star

If the word is separated into two words, it becomes a verb which means to reach a broader audience.  Kwame Alexander is a poet, and after writing more than 20 successful books, he crossed over to being a recognized author.  He is also an award winning author and inspiration.  His John Newbery award-winning book, The Crossover, is a book about basketball, family relationships and crossing over in life.  The Crossover was selected for a Newbery Medal, one of the highest book awards, because Kwame Alexander is a “most distinguished author of children’s literature” which means he rules when it comes to writing. 

Even though The Crossover is a book written for kids, Kwame Alexander hoped it would cross over to interest adult readers

It did! Brian Ripley Crandell, an adult and director of the Connecticut writing project at Fairfield University predicted that The Crossover would “go all the way” and commented about the “power” in its text. 

TRY THIS: 1) Think of three moves in dance or sports that look like a crossover. 2) Think of three crossover examples in language, food, or music. 3) Think of three ways to cross over in everyday activities, ways of thinking, or the arts.

Original Release: Jan 27, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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