When Is Acting on Curiosity Ill-Advised?

Drawn to observe the shore when water somehow pulls back from the coastline, leaving fish flapping around, is the worst thing we can do. A tsunami is likely on the way.

On the 26th of December, 2004, curious people put themselves in danger when they tried to understand why the waves along the Thai shore, for example, had pulled back from the normal water’s edge.

Since no one had any warning about a potential tsunami, following a massive underwater earthquake, no one realized the unusual phenomenon they were observing was the trough of a tsunami wave.

It would not be long before the wave’s crest arrived. When it did, a wall of water swept away everything in its path - including houses, cars, buildings and people.

When a curious event happens - like the water along a shoreline pulling back far from the normal water’s edge - how likely is it that people will not investigate “what’s up?”  Explain your answer.

Can you think of other events were acting on our curiosity is ill-advised? What are they?

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