When Is It Time to Let the Tears Flow?

After floating on a life raft for 47 days, Louis Zamperini and his crew mate Russell Allen Phillips made landfall at Wotje Island, which is part of the Marshall Islands and, at that time, controlled by the Japanese.

Soon thereafter, both men were transferred to Kwajalein Island, also part of the Marshalls. Known as “Execution Island,” Kwajalein was a place where prisoners were horrifically treated.

After all the days at sea, and all the days at Wotje where he kept his dignity and tried to make the best of things, Zamp broke down and cried at Kwajalein.

Why do you think Zamperini broke down and cried at Kwajalein?

Why do we cry when we become emotional?

Sometimes “the tears just flow,” even when we fight them. Why is that?

Does “a good cry” help to make us feel better? Explain your answer.

Sometimes we just have to let the tears flow. Have you ever experienced such an event? Can you describe it?

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