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William, the Duke of Normandy, believed he should be the successor to Edward the Confessor. 

When the English crown was given, instead, to Harold II, William left France and sailed to England. He and his men encountered an undefended sea en route to England's southern coast.

Landing at the port town of Pevensey—on the 29th of September, 1066—William and his men were stunned to find that England's coastline was also undefended. The English Army had marched north, to York, where they were resisting another Viking invasion (of 300 ships).

Leading his troops, King Harold II prevailed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge near York (on September 25, 1066).

When he returned south, to do battle with William and his Normans, Harold II and his tired troops fought hard and well (on October 14, 1066). They were nearly successful, but when Harold II was felled by an arrow in his eye, then "cut down by Norman swords," his army was defeated.

William Duke of Normandy (a man of Scandinavian ancestry whose family had settled in Northern France) became King of England. He is known today as "William the Conqueror."

This map depicts William's invasion route (during 1066) and his later battles (between 1068-1070).

Click on the image for a full-page view.

Editor's Note:  There is a misprint on the key for the main areas of English resistance. It should say 1068-70 (instead of 1168-70).

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