Wilma Mankiller: Cherokee Chief - Preface

In this image, we see Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller, a 20th-century role model.


The secret to our success is that we never, NEVER, give up.

Wilma Mankiller


Wilma Mankiller was a Cherokee. She was proud of her heritage and proud of her last name.

"Mankiller" was an important name in Cherokee history that was given to the bravest warriors who defended their tribe—almost the same as we give military titles such as "colonel" or "captain" to our military leaders today. She became the first female to be elected Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

But the real story of Wilma Mankiller is in her accomplishments of bringing together her Cherokee people who had been disillusioned and fragmented by the United States government for more than 100 years.  She changed the way the world viewed the history of Indians in the United States, but—more importantly—she changed the future of Native Americans forever. 

This is her story.

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