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William Powell Frith (1819–1909), who lived long after Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were both dead, created this painting, entitled “King Henry and Anne Boleyn Deer Shooting in Windsor Forest.” His artistic interpretation depicts Henry and Anne during their happy times. Image online via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.


...absence from you grieves me sorely...

Henry VIII
July 1527 Letter to Anne Boleyn
Maintained by the Vatican Library


It’s 1527, and the King is upset. He doesn’t have a male heir, but he thinks he has a plan to get one.                        

To make that happen, he’ll have to disrupt longstanding traditions in his country. However ... he’s the King, and what the King wants, the King gets.

At least ... that’s how Henry VIII sees the world.

Upsetting many people, to get his way, Henry’s plan ultimately fails because his new Queen has a daughter, not a son. He’s no better-off than he was with his first wife, the now-demoted Queen who also gave him a daughter.

So .... after lots of intrigue, accusations, thinly veiled (and openly outrageous) lies and other such schemes, Henry finds himself in the barn at Wolf Hall (Wulf Hall), where he’s about to celebrate his third marriage.

But ... let’s not get too far ahead of the story, before we go there.

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