World Trade Center - Summary

Will Jimeno (a Port Authority police officer played by Michael Peña in the movie World Trade Center), was trapped beneath the remains of a once-majestic tower. His buddy, fellow officer Dominick Pezzulo (Jay Hernandez), had already died of his injuries. His sergeant, John McLoughlin (Nicolas Cage), was stuck in a space about the size of a body, unable to move.

 Rescue, on that September 11th day, seemed remote. Even if anyone found the officers, how would they get out of the rubble? With concrete on his chest and leg, and a cinder-block wall on his right foot, Peña was so tightly jammed into the debris not even a folding shovel could slip-in beside him.

Hours passed. McLoughlin and Jimeno did not give up their hopes to survive. Unknown to the trapped officers, two Marines - David Karnes and Jason Thomas - were searching for survivors. Suddenly, the rescuers heard a response to their shouting: “United States Marines. If you can hear us, yell or tap!” An unbelievable rescue was about to occur.

In this story behind the movie, virtually visit the World Trade Center as it appeared before, and after, the disaster. Watch videos of the unfolding tragedy on September 11th and see pictures of all the rescuers (from the Fire Department and the Port Authority) who gave their lives helping others.

Meet the real McLoughlin and Jimeno (who lived through the ordeal and were reunited with their families). And examine the actual stories of Karnes and Thomas (who each continued to serve their country after the events of that day).

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Original Release: Aug 01, 2006

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