Jacobo Timerman: The Conscience of a Nation - World War II & Jacobo Timerman

As Jacobo Timerman grew older, the world outside of Argentina became engaged in a World War.  One morning, in 1939, Jacobo awoke to the sound of sirens.  His mother told him that France and Germany had just declared war on Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Argentina was not directly involved with the war, but its tragic consequences did affect Jacobo.  When he was 18, Nazi troops burned down the synagogue in Bar, the Ukraine town where he was born and still had many relatives.  Everyone in the synagogue was burned alive.  

The next year, Nazis killed all of the Jews living in Bar—including all of Jacobo's relatives.

Jacobo began reading every book and newspaper about the accounts of the war.  He saw that Jews were being arrested and deported to detention camps in Germany, Poland, and Austria.  He read about the murder of Jews in Europe, Africa, and even in South America.  Jacobo wanted to join the fight against the Nazis, but Argentina was not in the war so he could not enlist in the army.  He was told no volunteers were being accepted.  

As he was leaving the recruitment center, he saw the Argentine army taking over the government building across the street.  It was his introduction to Argentina's new dictator: Colonel Juan Domingo Peron.  

Juan Peron and his wife Evita came to power and did reform the labor laws—but enacted strict laws that suppressed the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech.  They closed religious schools, and they ran the country into deep debt.

Through it all, the workers in Argentina who were called the "shirtless ones," adored Evita.  After Evita died in 1952, Peron became an enemy of the Catholic Church and, after much violence, the Peron government was toppled on 1955.

Because of his political activities in "Acuca," Jacobo was blacklisted after he graduated from high school and could not find work.  

He began to write.  

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