The Story of Writing - Writing as an Extension of your Mind

"Creative Writing", Creative Writing, by The World academy, The World Academy, Fair Use.

Writing is more than just an assignment in school.  You can write to express your ideas and thoughts in many ways and in many places.  You can share experiences or make-up stories.  You can express your inner most feelings with an audience of your choosing.  You can write poems, or raps, or a whole book if you want.  

Writing reveals to the reader not only what you are thinking-- but much more about you. If use choose your words carefully, and use good grammar, punctuation, and spelling, it gives the reader an insight in what kind of individual you are, and tells them more than your content ever could.

Writing has been a form of language since the beginning of civilization, and even though technology has made writing easier, it remains an important form of communication for all mankind.


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