Xerxes - The Great Persian Ruler

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Xerxes, ruler of the Persian Empire, attempted to conquer Greece.  He was the one who led his Immortals in an epic battle at Thermopylae. 

In his palace, at Persepolis, Xerxes was treated as though he were a god.  After he died, his successors also used Persepolis for their palaces.

Then ... Alexander the Great arrived as he attempted to conquer the known world.  He captured Persepolis during the early part of 330 BC.  Although he later regretted it, the conquering Macedonian destroyed several Persepolis palaces. 

The palace of Xerxes was particularly badly damaged.  Historians believe that may have happened when Greek soldiers, who were fighting with Alexander, took revenge for Xerxes’ destruction of Athens in 480 BC.

This image depicts a portrait of Xerxes, at Persepolis, bearing the results of intentional damage.


Image of a Xerxes portrait at Persepolis, reflecting damage, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.



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