Ypres - Holy Ground

Ypres - Holy Ground World War I World History Ethics

This sign, along a road in Ypres, notes the profound sacrifice made in the Belgian town where so many people died during World War I.

The image, online courtesy the Canadian War Museum, has a story behind it. The story includes why the town was so important to the Allies:

The Second Battle of Ypres marked the Canadians’ first major engagement.

An Important Allied Position

In 1915, the Germans were attacking Russia in the east. On the Western Front, they were mostly on the defensive, though they continued to mount local attacks if conditions were favorable.

To probe Allied defenses, cover the movement of troops to the Eastern Front, and test their new weapon, chlorine gas, the Germans prepared for a limited offensive in Belgium in spring 1915 against the Ypres salient, a bulge in the Allied lines. The last major Belgian town in Allied hands, Ypres provided a defensive position from which to protect French ports on the English Channel.

It had to be held.

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Media Credits

Image online via Canadian War Museum.


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