American Presidents Videos

U.S. Presidents have varying backgrounds and political persuasions. Only one was unanimously elected. They can have little or lasting influence. These stories are about individuals with the power to make a difference at home and abroad.

The Bay of Pigs fueled Castro's worry of an American invasion and his desire for missiles from the Soviet Union.

President Kennedy summoned his most trusted advisors to evaluate America's options.

Walter Cronkrite recalls tension in the CBS newsroom during the height of the "missile crisis.

As plans for an invasion of Cuba continued, during the "Missile Crisis," President Kennedy sent his advisors home on Saturday evening.

Unknown to President Kennedy, or any of his advisors, four Soviet Foxtrot-class submarines (of the Sixty-ninth Submarine Brigade) have left their base...

Returning from a trip to Chicago, stating that he had a cold, the President discussed options and next steps with his advisors.

President Kennedy briefs General Eisenhower, the former American president, on the deal he made with Khruschev to end the Cuban missile crisis.

Major Richard Heyser flew a U-2 mission over Cuba during October of 1962.

On the 24th of July, 1974, the United States Supreme Court issued an order that President Richard Nixon had to surrender all White House tape recordin...

As fiercely opposing sides gathered in Oxford, Mississippi - at the campus of Ole Miss - a battle over desegregation intensified.

Slaves helped to build the White House which upset First Lady Abigail Adams. She and John Adams were the first family to move into the Executive Mansi...

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