Awesome Radio - Narrated Stories Chapters

Sometimes it's nice just to hear a story. Like the "golden age of radio," Awesome Stories features dramatizations of classics, narrated chapters of our own stories, radio interviews and radio plays. This collection benefits ESL, adult literacy and those who just want to close their eyes and listen to a good story!

Berlin is caught in the conflict that erupts and the Russians erect the Berlin Wall to divide the city.

Tone enlists the help of the French to revolt, but it is too little, too late.

Columbia tries to replace cocaine money with fresh-flower crops, but Pablo's death cannot stop the cocaine trade.

A slave owner himself, Jefferson introduces a bill to end slavery in Virginia in 1779.

The U.S. enters the war in April 1917 using the sinking of the Lusitania as the main reason.

Centuries ago, forests cover much of North America; when colonists arrive, they chop-down trees at unbelievable rates.

Famine and poverty follow the failed potato crop of 1845.

As Hitler seizes power, the Jewish persecution begins.

Poe writes "Annabel Lee" after the death of his wife and in the midst of severe drinking binges.

Warm water helps the "Perfect Storm" gain intensity as the low pressure deepens; this creates massive waves of 70 feet and higher.

Key, greatly relieved about the outcome of the battle, writes a poem about it. Soon thereafter, his words are set to the tune of a popular song.

Learn about Marie Antoinette's royal childhood and see the three palaces where she spends her time.

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