Character Education

What better way for a youth to explore issues of character and to find their ethical center than through stories? Here is a collection of inspirational and thought-provoking stories to fuel that search.

Character Education Chapters

Albert Schweitzer wins the Nobel Prize and, after his death, accolades pour in for him.

Dr. Schweitzer returns to Africa after WWI, but then war comes to Africa.

When building materials arrive at Lambarene, Albert Schweitzer designs a new hospital which incorporates its cultural setting and needs.

Albert and Helene Schweitzer arrive at Lambarene, their new home in Gambon.

Albert and Helen Schweitzer travel to Africa, reaching the country of Gabon, where the new doctor intends to help relieve the suffering of people.

Character Education Audio Narrations

Making her point by breaking bottles of alcoholic beverages, Carry Nation becomes a temperance leader.

Defying all odds against him, Spencer West climbs Africa's highest point.

Not letting any disability get in his way, Spencer West redefines possible.

When he was just a toddler, Spencer West had both legs amputated just above his knees.

Spencer West grows up with parents who believe in him and tell him that he can be whatever he wants to be.

Character Education Documents

In July of 1917, not long after the US entered WWI, the NAACP invited African-Americans to march in a silent protest held in New York City.

Dr. Richard Feynman was always known for speaking his mind. When his work led him to a conclusion which seemed at odds with the conclusions (or desire...

This book was a Caldecott Honor Book because of its illustrations.  It is a retelling of the well-known story of "Little Red Riding Hood," but in...

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