Civil Rights Story Briefs

Are people "born free?" Do governments "give rights" to citizens or do citizens give-up some rights to have "good government?" These are stories about people seeking and achieving their civil rights.

Kapu means rules and learn how Hawaiians lived with them!

Anne Hutchinson - and some of her children - died unfortunate deaths of mistaken identity in the summer of 1643.

This image depicts The Apotheosis of Washington - a very large fresco on the ceiling of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Arthur Ashe faced racism with courage and intelligence.

In April of 1942, Slovakia began handing over its Jews to the Nazi government.

An image, maintained by the German Federal Archives, depicts an elderly woman and three children who have been selected for the "death barracks."

In September of 1941, thousands of Jewish people were living in (and near) the city ofKiev(inSoviet Ukraine). The Nazis made a decision tokill those ...

The Irish Rebellion of 1798 - when the United Irishmen attempted to free their country of British rule - ultimately did not succeed.

At the beginning of 1917, the Russian city ofSt.

Justice Frankfurter's notes on the landmark case of Brown Vs. the Board of Education

Twenty-eight years after he retired from active duty, Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., becomes a 4-star General of the U.S. Air Force.

Navy Commander Jeremiah Denison lets the world know about torture in a POW prison during his May, 1966 interview when he answers questions one way (wi...

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