Civil Wars Chapters

When Americans disagreed on the power of individual states to control their respective governments and institutions, they fought a war, between themselves, during 1861 to 1865. Other countries have also fought "civil wars." These stories focus on those people, places and events.

Needing more men to fight for the North, Congress passes draft laws but wealthy people are able to buy their way out.

The Yankees explode a tunnel under the Confederate lines but are trapped in the crater as the Confederates rally and kill them.

Tone kills himself rather than be hanged as a traitor, and becomes a martyr.

Confederate and Union soldiers fight for the first time at Bull Run on July 21, 1861.

Learn what it is like to be a soldier during the Civil War through pictures from the National Archives.

The Free State Army and the Irish Republican Army continue to fight.

SC Standards 8-4.2: Analyze how sectionalism arose from racial tension, including the Denmark Vesey Plot, slave codes, and the growth of the abolitio...

A military commission holds the trial of Mary Surratt and other conspirators.

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