Disasters Chapters

Whether natural or man-made, disasters simultaneously cause massive destruction and unity of people trying to help those in need. Discover some of the world's worst disasters in this collection.

Albert Gitchell, an Army cook at Camp Funston, complains of flu-like symptoms. The air-borne disease spreads to Europe when U.S. soldiers go to Europe...

In 1914 Britain enters the war because Germany invades Belgium. Many leaders of all involved countries are relatives.

The U.S. enters the war in April 1917 using the sinking of the Lusitania as the main reason.

Photographs, audio/video footage, documents, eyewitness testimony and memoirs all prove that the Holocaust occurs.

Centuries ago, forests cover much of North America; when colonists arrive, they chop-down trees at unbelievable rates.

Terrorist attacks affect people of all ages in America. Meanwhile, the U.S. and coalition partners, begain "Operation Enduring Freedom."

Studies show the Lusitania exploded because the torpedo struck coal bins, not illegal arms, causing coal dust to catch fire.

Solid rocket boosters used in shuttle launches show a potential O-ring design flaw.

British landowners evict starving families and burn their homes during the Irish Potato Famine..

Famine and poverty follow the failed potato crop of 1845.

Photographs, blueprints, and records provide evidence that Auschwitz and Auschwitz II (Birkenau) are operating death camps.

Galveston builds a protective sea wall and raises the height of the entire city.

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