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Great novels are often connected-to (or based-on) real-life events. It's fun to search-for (and uncover) those connections. This Collection features fictional stories with real-life tie-ins.

Author profile of Dr. Gene Parola, professor, writer and consultant.

Creating his famous character, Ebenezer Scrooge, Charles Dickens walks the streets of London during the fall of 1843. He ponders the best way to tell...

After escape from the Horns of Hattin battlefield, Balien of Ibelin retrieves his wife in Jerusalem. Saladin allows this because Balien carries no we...

Baby spiders travel by "ballooning," which means they send out a strand of spider silk and ride it on the wind. Millions of spiderlings "rained" on a ...

The Yankees explode a tunnel under the Confederate lines but are trapped in the crater as the Confederates rally and kill them.

Rune Stones are standing stones in Scandinavia and Britain which tell the stories of kings and warriors like Beowulf.

Born into a lower class, Becky Sharp's goal is to live in "high society," so she tries to marry into it.

Stieg Larsson wants to be a writer from a very young age, but he has a hard time finding work in the writing field.

Unafraid of Grendel, the warrior Beowulf helps the Danes by killing the monster.

Black maids raise white children as their own but are still treated as inferiors.

Today's India and Great Britain bear little resemblance to the time of William Makepeace Thackeray; learn about some of these differences.

During World War II, Lewis hosts BBC live radio broadcasts which make his voice one of the most recognizable in Britain.

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