Government Chapters

Governments can be constitutional monarchies, dictatorships, federal republics, parliamentary democracies, constitutional republics. More than a system of rules and regulations, they help civilized people to live together peacefully. These stories explore different forms of government.

American ground war intensifies, but unknown to the US military, the Viet Cong plans a major offensive that will kill thousands.

View American and Russian aircraft that fight battles over Vietnam and drop devastating bombs and napalm.

Prince Albert, "Bertie," has a hard childhood with a strict father who forces him to be right-handed and wear painful splints to correct his "knock kn...

Truman authorizes combat troops led by General McArthur to assist South Korea.

Photographs, audio/video footage, documents, eyewitness testimony and memoirs all prove that the Holocaust occurs.

On November 28, 1775, Congressestablishesthe U.S. Navy to stand against the British.

Many American leaders are the subjects of Herblock's political cartoons.

American troops begin leaving Vietnam in 1971, while fighting continues until a cease fire in 1973; it is still two years until the fall of Saigon.

U.S. government posters target American women, during WWII, encouraging them to be part of the war effort.

As a sign of freedom, the colonies begin printing their own money.

Experts view U-2 photographs and notice a Russian truck convoy in Cuba.

Cuba's air force shoots down an American U-2 plane, killing the pilot.

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