History Chapters

The Story of Us - from the beginning of time to the present - is usually written by "the victors." True-to-life events, however, must include opposing points of view. This collection features stories about people, places and events which go beyond "the already known and obvious."

Patrick dreams of returning to Ireland, and responds to that vision by becoming an apostle to the Irish people.

Fearing being hung, Tone attempts suicide and dies a martyr.

Benedict Arnold complains to George Washington about his court martial for misuse of government funds.

Marys son John is captured in Europe and tried in a civil trial, which ends in a mistrial.

Columbia tries to replace cocaine money with fresh-flower crops, but Pablo's death cannot stop the cocaine trade.

Green Hornet crashes in the ocean. Zamp and two men drift in a life raft, surrounded by sharks, hoping someone will find them. They exist on rainwater...

Mary's beheading does not go smoothly, taking 3 tries to behead her.

Willing to risk the consequences for refusing to swearallegiancetoEdward, Wallace begins killing English men.

The mission is a convoluted hornets nest. US soldiers are not ready for Somali mobs who fight back. Rescue is difficult because of poor directions, na...

Mary Ann Nichols, the Ripper's first victim, has her throat slit and abdomen cut open.

With their knowledge of controlling movement, Wilbur and Orville begin by launching gliders at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

From the early 1920s to 1931, Al Capone leads the Chicago outfit, a crime syndicate who bootlegs liquor and commits other crimes.

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