Intermediate Grades

3rd to 5th grades students enjoy stories for learning and they can use what they learn and primary sources they find to build stories of their own.

Intermediate Grades Chapters

Although the Captain is in charge of a ship, and his word is "law," George Pollard - captain of the Essex, a whaleship - gives-in to Owen Chase, his F...

Robert E. Sticker created an oil painting interpreting the “Nantucket Sleigh Ride,” an adrenalin-producing event which occurred after whal...

George Pollard, a Nantucket-based whaler whose first command was the whaling ship Essex, made a series of mistakes soon after leaving the harbor in Au...

Intermediate Grades Videos

This is a continuation of The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, an animated interpretation of Beatrix Potter's book of the same name.

Benjamin Bunny (one of Beatrix Potter's famous characters) gets into all kinds of trouble (just like his cousin, Peter Rabbit).

The stories of Beatrix Potter work remarkably well in animated versions.

Beatrix Potter had a "real" Peter Rabbit as a pet.

Intermediate Grades Audio Narrations

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