Law and Politics Chapters

What the law requires is not always fair or just or honorable. Politics is often polarizing. Stories in this collection help us to examine the highs and lows of "the law" over the centuries.

In December of 1955, Doyle wins his case, but the laws remain unchanged.

Africa has a rich history and culture before European slave traders arrive and begin to capture slaves.

Unknown to his Edgardo Mortara's parents, a Catholic servant girl working in the Mortara household baptizes the sick Edgardo when he is a young child.

Edgardo Mortara is a Jewish child, living in a Papal State, who is legally removed from his home under canon laws regarding baptism.

On November 28, 1775, Congressestablishesthe U.S. Navy to stand against the British.

Many American leaders are the subjects of Herblock's political cartoons.

U.S. government posters target American women, during WWII, encouraging them to be part of the war effort.

As a sign of freedom, the colonies begin printing their own money.

Cuba's air force shoots down an American U-2 plane, killing the pilot.

Kapu means rules and learn how Hawaiians lived with them!

To control a near mutiny, the group creates the Mayflower Compact, the first known "American" self-governing document.

Amid worries about a strong central government, one Constitutional writer promises the federal courts will not control too much power.

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