Law and Politics Videos

What the law requires (or allows) is not always fair or just or honorable. Politics is often polarizing. Stories in this collection help us to examine the highs and lows of "the law" over the centuries.

Video clip of historical footage depicting street fighting during the Black Hawk Down battle in October of 1993.

Soldiers and sailors at Kronstadt, on an island off St Petersburg (called Petrograd at the time), were growing agitated as the Great War continued to ...

Tired of too-many taxes imposed on them by Britain's Parliament - in which they had no representation - American colonists in Boston decide they will ...

When president-elect Woodrow Wilson arrives in Washington, for his inauguration, he wonders where the crowds are.

During the 16th century, when translators working in England wanted to provide people with English versions of religious works, the law not only disal...

After the Tsar abdicated in March of 1917, Russians set up local soviets (governing councils).

Churchill and deGaulle tried to keep France from giving in to Hitler - a bond they would share for the rest of their lives.

How did Charles Dickens, who released his famous Christmas story on 13 December 1843, become such a famous writer?

Part 2 of Stefan Sharff's documentary on the Selma-to-Montgomery civil-rights march.

With a federal court order allowing their peaceful march from Selma to Montgomery, civil-rights activists - led by Dr.

The Bay of Pigs fueled Castro's worry of an American invasion and his desire for missiles from the Soviet Union.

It is 1763, and after more than a century of British rule in the colonies, people in America still consider themselves British.

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