Legends and Legendary People

Meet some of the world's most-colorful characters in this collection. From Roman times to the Spanish Main, these individuals were famous in their own lifetimes and later, when their stories became the "stuff of legends."

Legends and Legendary People Chapters

When Abe Lincoln was eight years old, he moved with his family to a settlement in Indiana. It was there that he lost his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, ...

When Abe Lincoln was a young boy of seven, he nearly drowned in Knob Creek.

Thomas Nickerson, George Pollard and Owen Chase returned to Nantucket after the wreck of the Essex. Each coped in different ways as they tried to reco...

Although one of the Essex whaleboats disappears, two boats with wreck survivors onboard are rescued off the coast of Chile in February of 1821.

Pablo Escobar's family views him, and his death, very differently from most people.

Legends and Legendary People Learning Tasks

Delineate and Evaluate the Argument and Specific Claims in a Text

Trace and Evaluate the Argument in a Text

Evaluate the Argument in a Text

Legends and Legendary People Audios

The second production of the Mercury Theatre on the Air was Treasure Island.

Mina Murray and her friend - Lucy Westenra - have traveled to the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, England.

Bram Stoker based his novel, Dracula, on the legend of a real person, Vlad Tepes.

Orson Welles, and his Mercury Theatre troupe, brought Bram Stoker's story of Dracula to the radio.

Legends and Legendary People Audio Narrations

Making her point by breaking bottles of alcoholic beverages, Carry Nation becomes a temperance leader.

Horatio Nelson surprised the French, at Trafalgar, with a new and world-changing approach to naval battles.

Bass Reeves, a former slave who became a Deputy U.S. Marshal, understood several Native-American languages.

Anglo-Saxon warriors, in early Briton, were known as Thegns.

Joseph Merrick, also known as "The Elephant Man," rose above massive deformities to live an exemplary life.

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