Pirates, Gladiators and Legends

Stories about Roman gladiators, Caribbean pirates and legendary figures (such as Alexander the Great) remain popular. Who are some of these formidable characters?

Pirates, Gladiators and Legends Chapters

The Greeks build and leave a huge wooden horse outside the gates of Troy as a gift. During the night, Greeks exit the horse and begin to conquer Troy.

Tortuga, located off the coast of Haiti, is home to buccaneers and a safe harbor for pirates.

On June 7, 1692 an earthquake destroys Port Royal and the town never recovers.

After Columbus "discovers" some of the Caribbean islands, Spain claims them and the area becomes known as the "Spanish Main."

To avenge her son's death, Grendel's sea-hag mother kills Heorot's residents until Beowulf stops her.

Pirates, Gladiators and Legends Story Briefs

Within five years of Jesse James'' death, publishers were releasing young-adult stories about the famous outlaw.

Henry Morgan's successful raid on Porto Bello, Panama netted him and his buccaneers a great deal of loot.

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