Revolutionary Wars

When people tire of governmental tyranny, they sometimes revolt. Those revolutionary wars - like the French Revolution - profoundly change both a country and its culture. This collection contains stories about such events.

Revolutionary Wars Chapters

Giuseppi Garibaldi, a native of the Piedmont region of Italy, was instrumental in bringing the southern Italian states into the unification process.

Giuseppe Mazzini believed that for Italy to be free of foreign domination, Italians would have to revolt. It was good timing, since revolutions were h...

8-3.2 The role of SC in the Constitutional Convention including the Three-Fifths Compromise and Commerce Compromise

The role of SC in their new government and the national government after the War Indicator 8-2.6

Revolutionary Wars Audios

After Jarvis Lorry reaches Dover, he awaits the arrival of another traveler from London - Miss Manette.

Jerry Cruncher, the messenger, is bothered by the direction he's received from Jarvis Lorry: "Jerry, say that my answer was, RECALLED TO LIFE.

As the action begins, in Dickens' famous tale, the Dover mail coach is making its way on a Friday night.

Have a listen as Charles Dickens begins his famous story with these words: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Orson Welles and Martin Gabel star in this Mercury Theatre on the Air production of Charles Dicken's novel, A Tale of Two Cities.

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