Trials Chapters

Courtroom battles often produce sensational scenes resulting in curious spectators and endless news coverage. From ancient to modern times, trials attract significant attention. This collection explores some of the most-fascinating.

In December of 1955, Doyle wins his case, but the laws remain unchanged.

Fearing being hung, Tone attempts suicide and dies a martyr.

Due to demand for her story, Florie writes a best-selling book about her ordeal, then spends time on the lecture circuit. Soon after, however, she be...

Marys son John is captured in Europe and tried in a civil trial, which ends in a mistrial.

Mary's beheading does not go smoothly, taking 3 tries to behead her.

Willing to risk the consequences for refusing to swearallegiancetoEdward, Wallace begins killing English men.

Although there is evidence that Maybrick might be Jack the Ripper, no one knows the truth.

The successful cotton merchant with whom Florie falls in love is actually a drug addict with a mistress and children.

A Harvard janitor explores Webster's lab and find parts of Parkman's body.

After the arrest, Susan gives speech after speech to tell her story.

On November 28, 1872 Susan B. Anthony and 13 other women who vote are arrested.

The tomb is guarded against theft, but Jesus rises and appears to Mary Magdalene.

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