Triumph Over Tragedy

When accidents, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, volcanic eruptions and other disasters strike, how do we rebuild lives and triumph over despair?

Triumph Over Tragedy Chapters

Stalin's orders to take Ukrainian grain, between 1932-33, cause people throughout Ukraine to starve.

As he transforms the USSR into an industrial powerhouse, Stalin will pay for his plans with Ukrainian grain.

As Lenin relaxes Bolshevik policies in Ukraine, the people have a resurgence of national patriotism and culture.

It's May 4, 1970, and Ohio National Guardsmen open fire on students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State, killing 4 unarmed students and wounding ...

Triumph Over Tragedy Story Briefs

A routine flight turns into a near-disaster when volcanic ash causes all four engines on a 747 to fail at 37,000 feet.

Henry Bliss Northup was the man who rescued Solomon Northup - whose slave name was ''Platt Hamilton'' - from slavery.

Sully and Jeff Skiles had 208 seconds between a bird strike and a forced water landing on the Hudson. Both testified during the NTSB investigation.

Triumph Over Tragedy Videos

Video of FDR being pushed in his wheel chair during a visit to Pearl Harbor the month after D-Day.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt first took the Presidential oath on the 4th of March, 1933.

Triumph Over Tragedy Documents

In July of 1917, not long after the US entered WWI, the NAACP invited African-Americans to march in a silent protest held in New York City.

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