Jeannine has taught classes in poetry, meditation, developing your gifts of intuition and art. She has been published in several magazines and newspapers.

You can find her books on or on her website at  Meanwhile, meet Jeannine through the words she uses to describe her writing.

I am a poet because I write poetry.  Although my verse often creates its own form, I write freehand, natural, calm and flowing. That is my voice.

It took me a long time to find my voice.  I found something else through the free verse I sat and wrote after school in the park by my house, in the corner of my bedroom, while sitting on the roof of my house outside my bedroom window. I found hope. I found happiness. I found that if I had a problem, I could begin a poem all bent out of shape and work my way through that problem, bit by bit, until at the end I had found the solution! I had found perspective. And that perspective changed my life.

As I traveled the years, I discovered something else. I found release.  I found joy and peace and happiness. I discovered when I write, I am happy. When I don’t, I am depressed. Now I think that those deep dark depressed poets whom I studied in school didn’t write enough! Because when I write, I am sane and happy and alive with a feeling of freedom I could only describe in a poem.

Poems are not measurable in terms of good or bad. A poem is a way of expressing what is inside of you. Poetry is the way we express life as humans; no rules and no judgments, no good or bad. Poetry is like wine. If you create it, there will be someone who will like it.

More than that - almost more than anything - poetry is good for the soul of the poet.  If someone gets enjoyment from it, well ... that's just icing on the cake. If you need structure to write, use it!  I find I'm learning to play with the structures of verse I had long forgotten because I do love to play with my words. 

But ... there is no right or wrong to poetry. It just is. A wise young lady I know wrote:  “Why do I write? Why do I breathe?" That is poetry for me, as natural as breathing can be.

When I don’t write, I don’t breathe. I hold all the stimulation of the world inside of me until I explode. I’d rather explode onto paper than onto others. It’s much less destructive and far more beautiful.

Poetry can be the voice that allows us to be ourselves and express how we see the world. Or it can be boxed into a set of rules which have us judging ourselves before we even set a word upon the page.

Self-acceptance is key to poetry, as is the residue that poetry leaves behind in our lives, along with peace, love, beauty and hope.

May you find the joy in your life that poetry has allowed me to receive.

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