Meghan Bundtzen, Teacher and Membership Director, Headshot

Meghan Bundtzen, Teacher and Membership Director

Meghan taught primary students in both Alaska and Hawaii prior to joining Awesome Stories to be home with her newborn son.

Meghan earned a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from Alaska Pacific University with a thesis project on Social and Emotional Learning. Meghan researched and instructed with SEL curriculum to enhance classroom engagement, improve student relationships, and positively impact the learning environment in her classroom. Meghan values the use of cross curricular projects to teach life skills, connect raw knowledge to practical real world use and to ignite further learning through respecting students’ natural curiosity.


What Meghan Bundtzen says about Awesome Stories:

I love learning the details behind stories I thought I already knew. While assisting in the development of Awesome Stories I am invigorated to return to my classroom and get students engaged in storytelling. My love of social and emotional learning connects so well with the idea that we learn through stories, that so much of history can be reviewed in terms of emotional responses and social misunderstandings. This archive of stories drenched in primary sources is a treasure trove for the modern teacher!


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