Complete the quiz below. Write your answers from the information you read about Dr. John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.


    1. What did John Nash write when he was 21?


    1. How many people suffer from schizophrenia in any given year?


    1. When does the onset of the illness occur?


    1. From what do schizophrenics often suffer?


    1. Who were some of the geniuses that John Nash was surrounded by at Princeton?


    1. With whom did John Nash fall in love?


    1. How old was John Nash when he became a paranoid schizophrenic?


    1. During his illness, what did John Nash hear?


    1. After Alicia divorced him, what did she allow her ex-husband to do?


    1. When and how old was John Nash when he received the Nobel Prize?


Answer KEY for A Beautiful Mind.

Facts Opinions
1. At 21 Nash wrote a doctoral thesis that made him a Nobel Laureate 1. Nash was undaunted by the brilliance of people like Albert Einstein
2. John Nash had schizophrenia at 30 2. Nash was an awkward student
3. Schizophrenics often suffer from memory loss 3. Nash was thought of as immensely strange and arrogant
4. John Nash and Alicia Larde married in 1957 4. Nash was obnoxious

Write the supporting details here:

Who: John Nash When: 1948 - 1994
What: Nash was a schizophrenic Where: Princeton, MIT
(New Jersey, Massachusetts)

DAY 1: What are some of the symptoms of schizophrenia?

Some of the symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking and social withdrawal

DAY 2: How does Professor R. J. Duffin recall John Nash?

Professor R. J. Duffin recalled John Nash as a tall, slightly awkward student who came to him one day and described a problem he thought he had solved.

DAY 3: How does Dr. Nash describe what he went through?

Dr. Nash described what he went through by explaining: The mental disturbances originated in the early months of 1959 at a time when Alicia was pregnant. As a consequence I resigned my position as a faculty member at MIT, and spent 50 days in observation at McLean hospital.

DAY 4: What does Dr. Nash say about the movie which features his life?

"It's very fictional, and makes me relaxed in a way. It was very disturbing psychologically overall, but when I could think of it with some apartness, it was different."

DAY 5: Write about healing from a mental or physical illness.

Students answers. Answers will vary.

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