The Help - Lesson Plan

The Help - Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan for The Help by Professor Sandie Linn

DAY 1 – 5   Discussion Page

  1. Read Chapters 1-2; 3-4; 5-6; 7-8;9-10

  2. Writing - Paraphrasing

In your own words, write what was meant by "separate but equal."  How did people in Jackson, Mississippi - including the ladies of the Junior League in The Help - try to apply this principle?

      3.  Write 4 facts and 4 opinions from the story here:

Facts Opinions
3. 3.
4. 4.

Write the supporting details here:

How Why

DAY 1: What are some examples supporting the idea that Jackson, Mississippi - in the 1960s - was a city of contrasts?

DAY 2: What did many white people in the South think about imposing education requirements on potential voters?

DAY 3: What "crime" did Emmett Till commit in Mississippi which caused him to lose his life in August, 1955?

DAY 4: What were two outcomes of Jim Crow laws - forced upon domestic workers - which appeared in both Telling Memories Among Southern Women (by Susan Tucker) and The Help (by Kathryn Stockett)?

DAY 5: What made Medgar Evers stay in Mississippi, even though he knew there were safer places where he and his family could live?

Watch the following video-clips from the movie, The Help:

1.  The Help movie trailer

2.  The Help, Behind the Scenes

3.  The Help Featurette

Write details about the characters and events in The Help and about the people whose lives affected the history of Mississippi.

Characters Events Relating to the Following:
1. Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan
1. Theodore G. Bilbo
2. Aibileen Clark
2. Emmett Till
3. Minny Jackson
3. Roy Bryant
4. Hilly Holbrook
4. Medgar Evers

Essay Writing

Complete the sentence below, and write your essay here:

The maids in The Help took a risk by telling their stories.  Even though they knew that they could be shot to death in their front yards, just like Medgar Evers, they went ahead with the project.  If people are not willing to takes risks ...

Building Vocabulary Skills

Select five words from the Visual Vocabulary Builder, for The Help, and write sentences using each of those words.

Book Quote Page

Write sentences to explain each of the quotes from the book:

  1. Page 10 - Hilly Holbrook explains to Elizabeth Leefolt:  "Everybody knows they carry different diseases than we do.  That's exactly why I've designed the Home Help Sanitation Initiative, as a disease-preventative measure.  A bill that requires every white home to have a separate bathroom for the colored help." 

  2. Page 12 - Skeeter Phelan poses a question to Aibileen Clark:  "Aibileen, that talk in there ... Hilly's talk, I mean ... Did you ever wish you could change things?

  3. Page 83 - Elaine Stein writes to Skeeter Phelan:  "Don't waste your time on the obvious things.  Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else."

  4. Page 123 - Skeeter Phelan outlines the situation to Elaine Stein:  "The colored women down here.  They raise a white child and then twenty years later the child becomes the employer.  It's that irony, that we love them and they love yet, yet ... We don't even allow them to use the toilet in the house."

  5. Page 124 - Elaine Stein expresses her thoughts to Skeeter Phelan:  "What maid in her right mind would tell youthe truth?  Miss Phelan, this Negro actually agreed to talk to you candidly?  Because that seems like a h___ of a risk in a place like Jackson, Mississippi."

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